Understanding your condition is the first step

Heal the mind through the body. This is not talk therapy.


An event you remember or not (for example, certain situations trigger panic, anxiety, or a reaction that is too big for what is happening).


  • Bring consciousness to sensations in the body and uncover the underlying emotions
  • These emotions are most likely from a freeze response to the traumatic event
  • Experiencing flight and fight help us evolve from trauma

For whom

  • Core Energetics and TRE® can be complementary to your work with a licensed clinician (eg, social worker or psychologist) in the cases of severe trauma
  • These approaches to mental health require that you are at a certain high level of functioning (eg, you have a job, a home, social connection)


  • Feel more at ease in your body and in your life
  • Increase the ability to be present and let relationships and situations unfold with a sense of ease rather than tension from the filter of your history
I'm not ready yet but please keep me informed

Other areas where Core Energetics and TRE® can help you:

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