Understanding your condition is the first step

Heal the mind through the body. This is not talk therapy.

Missing Motivation & Purpose

Unfulfilled. Frustrated. Does it feel like you are waiting to start your life?


  • We will move the unconscious “no” to life that is keeping you stuck

For whom

  • Anyone who suspects that they are not on the right track regarding career, relationships, or purpose
  • Adults who are not living independently from parents/caregivers
  • Adults who are already at a level of functioning that includes the ability to secure a job, housing, and have healthy social and family connections


  • Increased willingness to take risks and live outside your comfort zone—huge musts when moving toward purpose
  • Less fear in taking risks, expressing your gifts
I'm not ready yet but please keep me informed

Other areas where Core Energetics and TRE® can help you:

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