Leigh Ann Cobb, ACCEP and Certified Provider of Trauma Release Exercise (TRE®)

My certification in Core Energetics is through the New York Institute of Core Energetics where I am now a faculty member. My studies in TRE® began with its founder, Dr David Berceli.


I was introduced to TRE® through Core Energetics and consider it a complementary modality to the spiritual journey of Core.

If you have never heard of Core Energetics or TRE®, then welcome to the best kept secret of truly making shifts in your life.


I’ve personally experienced the profound benefits from both and it is my pleasure to introduce them to you. As your guide, I will use the tools of Core Energetics and TRE® to help you uncover the unconscious material, unblock the held energy in the form of tension in your body, and unleash your soul.


Note that I am not a licensed clinician nor a healer. My certifications pertain solely to Core Energetics and TRE®.

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