About Core Energetics and TRE®

Core Energetics

A spiritual journey that brings consciousness to the lower self

  • Body sensations act as road maps for where we will use breath, touch, or physical movements to bring consciousness (eg, your throat tightens at the thought of expressing a need)
  • Using the concept of charge and discharge, we move energy and by doing so, tap into and release long held emotional pain

Releasing emotional blocks held in the body moves us toward pleasure and presence

Trauma Release Exercise®

A mechanism that shakes off trauma and tension accumulated in the body

  • TRE® begins with a set of 7 exercises that energize and stretch the body in preparation for experiencing a natural, involuntary mechanism called the neurogenic tremor
  • When allowed to move through the body, the neurogenic tremor releases deeply held stress patterns

Shaking is the nervous system’s way of releasing responses to traumatic events and returning to a state of relaxation

Core Energetics and TRE® help trauma

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