Understanding your condition is the first step

Heal the mind through the body. This is not talk therapy.

Identity Issues

How do you meet a world that continues to label you the opposite of how you identify?


  • Core and TRE® are ways to let your body release trauma it is holding onto
  • Our sessions can be a safe place to express anger, sadness, and fear

For whom

  • Anyone struggling with identity, however this is defined for you
  • Anyone transitioning gender or exploring fluidity
  • Core Energetics and TRE® require a certain high level of functioning (eg, you have a job, a home, social connections


  • Support as you bridge to the outward expression that is true to your inner expression
  • A sense of peace in your body
  • Increased capacity for pleasure
I'm not ready yet but please keep me informed

Other areas where Core Energetics and TRE® can help you:

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