Understanding your condition is the first step

Heal the mind through the body. This is not talk therapy.

Anxiety & Depression

Constant worry that may manifest in physical symptoms such as upset stomach, headaches, insomnia.


  • We will discover where fear lives in you and what you are afraid to feel
    • Anxiety is the sensation that something must go a certain way and the fear that it won’t
    • Depression is a freeze to the response of repressed anger

For whom

  • Core Energetics and TRE® can complement your work with a licensed clinician in case of severe anxiety and depression
    • These approaches require a certain high level of functioning (eg, you have a job, a home, social connection)


  • More ease with being in the unknown
    • Pleasure that resides under the fear once released
    • A complement to your work with a licensed clinician or healthcare provider
I'm not ready yet but please keep me informed

Other areas where Core Energetics and TRE® can help you:

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