Sessions in Core Energetics and TRE®

My practice is based in Manhattan, New York City.

  • Individual

    60 minutes, weekly

    Bring unconscious drivers of behavior to light. Invite the body to shed daily or life-long stress patterns.

    Session can take place remotely.

  • Couples

    60 minutes, weekly

    Move toward real intimacy from an open heart, powered by autonomy. Together, release unwanted tensions with TRE®.

    Session can take place remotely.

  • Group

    2 hours, twice monthly

    Connect with others, witness their work and have your journey supported. Group work expedites healing.

Ready to unleash? Do you have questions?

Core Energetics and
TRE® for your office,
school, or community

Spark creativity, offer an opportunity to de-stress or team build. One workshop or a series can be customized to fit your goal.